Spring Survival

Sneezing, crying, itchy throat and all the rest...It's this time of the year for hay fever sufferers.

Spring Survival is an anti-inflammatory and astringent concoction of herbs designed to help relieve the symptoms of hay fever. 

100% organic

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What's in it?

17% Organic Lemon balm

Lemon balm was used medicinally by the Greeks some 2 000 years ago. Later in Europe the Swiss physician Paracelsus called it the ‘elixir of life’.

Lemon Balm has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, indigestion and wounds. It can also help to eliminate hay fever symptoms.

Some medical studies have found that lemon balm tea may help to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

15% Organic Eyebright

Eyebright has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, which make it useful in cases of watery and exceedingly runny mucous discharges.

Treat inflamed skin (in bath). 

It is sometimes included in formulations for hay fever since that is often characterized by thin runny mucous and inflamed eyes. It can be taken internally as a tea or used externally as a compress for red, weak, gooey or watery eyes.

15% Organic Chamomile Flowers (Egypt)

First used in Europe about 1600, chamomile was used and honoured for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt for its great curative properties from helping with insomnia, back pain, rheumatism and nervousness.

15% Organic Plantain

Plantain tends to be used for internal afflictions of the respiratory system. It has a soothing action and astringent action on the mucous membranes.

15% Organic Medical-grade Ginger (China)

This Chinese ginger is steam sterilised to preserve freshness and taste.

Originally from Asia, ginger has been used for its medicinal purposes for nearly 2,000 years in various cultures. It contains high levels of Vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals.

15% Organic Goldenrod

The old herbalists praise this herb for its wound healing abilities.

 It staunches bleeding and speeds the healing process. It has been used to treat the symptoms of cold, seasonal allergies and as a gargle for sore throats.

8% Organic Turmeric

In India and other parts of Asia, turmeric is used to treat many health conditions. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and perhaps even anticancer properties.

Indeed, curcumin has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is the most active constituent of turmeric, making up between 2-6 percent of this spice.

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