Direct-trade and Organic vs Natural

I started Alchimie Thé not only as a way to bring tasty and healthy blends to people but also to support people and the environment whenever possible.

One way is by always directly buying from small top quality farmers, this way supporting development in their communities.

I always try to use organic ingredients to avoid nasty chemicals getting in our soils and bodies.  

But because organic doesn’t always necessarily mean higher-quality, not all ingredients we use are organic but they are always 100% natural.  

The greater the demand for organic and ethical products the more readily they will become available. 

To make the choice to buy and, on our side, to make the commitment to supply organic herbs and eco-friendly products is sowing the seeds for a healthier and happier world.

Did you know?

Many overseas farmers use natural and organic methods but because ‘organic accreditation’ is very expensive many cannot afford it.

Many say that some big foreign-owned estates pay for the accreditation despite not using organic methods!

Plus, the growers never benefit from that ‘organic’ label as they are applied at a later stage.

This is another reason why sometimes the teas and herbs I source are not labelled organic but they are nonetheless 100% naturally grown.

Direct-trade on a small scale like at Alchimie Thé takes a lot of time and effort but it's definitively worth it.

I currently source my black and green tea from a small cooperative in Assam called Prithivi Small Tea Growers. 

They provide me with handcrafted high-grade tea but also cotton tea bags handmade by women in rural Assam. 

We also like to source many products grown locally and nationally within the UK, from sustainable sources whenever possible.

We have big ideas and plans for the future but for this, we need your support!

The goal is that one day every transaction made at Alchimie Thé helps to reduce social inequalities and environmental damage.

 To find out more about our ethos also read Earth-friendly



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