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Daily Routine Box

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The ideal box for daily tea drinkers.

Drinking herbal infusions regularly is really the best way to get maximum and long-term benefits from the plants.

Including herbal teas as part of your daily routine is the best way to be and stay healthy naturally without even having to think about it.

Inside the box:

- Morning Kick

Kick start your day with revigorating citrusy flavours, brain-tonic Gingko and energy booster guarana powder.

By buying this blend you support Assamese tea growers!

Our small-scale tea growers from the hills Assam put a great effort into using only organic and traditional methods to make this high-quality tea.

Hand rolled, it beautifully unravels itself and goes back to its original whole-leaf state.

What's in it?

40% Organic Direct-Trade Queen of Assam 

Organic and handcrafted this whole leaf tea is nothing like the tea dust you often get when buying black tea. 

Robust with chocolate notes, a dry finish and a light sweet aftertaste.

This tea was grown by Prithvi Group of Small Tea Growers, a tea farmer's cooperative in Dibrugarh area. 

Black tea contains antioxidants and caffeine that increases alertness. It can improve cardiovascular health and may decrease your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

25% Orange Peels

10% Ginseng Siberian

10% Organic Gingko

10% Lemon peels 

5% Organic Guarana powder

- Food Baby

If you are familiar with the expressions 'food coma' or 'food baby' this blend is made for you!

A powerful blend for soothing digestion, with the refreshing flavour of peppermint and a hint of aniseed.

What's in it?

60% Organic Peppermint 

20% Lovage

10% Medical-grade Organic Ginger

10% Organic Star Anise

- 1 Handmade Eco bamboo spoon

- 1 Taster - Immune Boost

- 3 Biodegradable Self-fill Tea Bags



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