Starter Box - Organic-Natural - Herbal remedies mint and hibiscus, amateur, tea connoisseurs

Starter Box

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This Starter Box includes staples of herbal tea drinking, mint and hibiscus.

It's perfect for amateur herbal alchemists as well as for connoisseurs who enjoy the simplicity of those fundamental herbal infusions.

Plus, the taster allows you to experiment with subtle lemony green tea; the ideal combinations for one's palate to get used to the aromas of handcrafted Assam teas.

In this box:

- Mint Duo
100% Organic

A refreshing, stimulating, yet soothing infusion. Perfect for the morning or after a meal.

What's in it?

70% Organic Peppermint

30% Organic Spearmint

- Floral Cup

Refreshing, intensely fruity and floral taste...

Floral Cup is full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Good for body and soul.

What's in it?

35% Organic Rose Hips

35% Organic Hibiscus Flowers

30% Lemon peels

- 1 Handmade Eco bamboo spoon

- 1 Tasters - Lemony Green



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