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Yogi Box

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The yogi box was designed to complement your yoga practice. It will help the blood circulate through your body, whilst facilitating calm and focus. 

Perfect for active yoga or meditation.

In this box:
- Brain Power

When you think you can't look at another spreadsheet or read another line of that textbook without going crazy, have a cuppa!

Clear your head out, increase your focus and feel energised!

A must-have during a long, stressful day at work or at university.

By buying this blend you support Assamese tea growers!

Our small-scale tea growers from the hills Assam put a great effort into using only organic and traditional methods to make this high-quality tea, naturally low in caffeine.

Hand rolled, it beautifully unravels itself and goes back to its original whole-leaf state

What's in it?

40% Organic Direct-trade Assam Green tea

15% Gingko

15% Organic Peppermint

12% Gotu Kola

10% Organic Maté

8% Organic Spearmint

- Flow

A tasty floral infusion, drunk hot or cold, which stimulates blood circulation and helps in achieving weight loss goals.

Bye bye heaving legs, swollen ankles, cold fingertips...

Flow will even help reduce bruises more quickly but also stop you from getting them as easily in the first place!

What's in it?

20% Hawthorn Berries and Leaves

20% Ginseng Siberian

17.5 % Organic Rosehips

17.5% Organic Hibiscus

17% Organic Lemon Verbena

8% Organic English Lavender Flowers

- 1 Handmade Eco bamboo spoon

- 1 Taster - Relaxing

- 3 Biodegradable Self-fill Tea Bags



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