Behind the scene: Meet the Alchemist

Hello everyone!

It's the first of 4 posts in the 'Behind the scene' series where I introduce myself, what the business stands for and the products. I hope you enjoy it!

Let's start at the beginning. 

It's only in my final year at uni that I came about the concepts of social and green entrepreneurship and it changed a lot of things for me, not to say that it changed my life (yurk cheesy isn't it?).

I had always wanted to do something 'good', something that would help people, the environment and/or animals...I didn't have a precised idea.

All I knew for sure is that I wanted my job to be exciting and to allow me to travel.

At that point I was pretty sure I would work for a big NGO, a humanitarian relief of some sort maybe.

All the pieces came together when I realised that I wasn't the only one not to believe that business had to solely be about self-interests and profit making.

It seems to me that something is what we make it to be so if enough of us decide that business should not only serve a few vested interests but should benefit the greater community; if entrepreneurs like myself do business in 'the right way' and that customers choose ethics over convenience or cheapness; together we can redefine business.

Through history, it has been shown many times that things can change. As societies we constantly evolve. I don't see why that couldn't.

In that sense, business for me is really no more than a means to an end.

Why choosing tea then?

Well, I've been using natural alternatives and remedies for quite some time now. I'm passionate about trying to preserve the environment and respect all forms of life as much as possible.

Researching and sourcing herbs and plants for my personal use led me to consider doing it for others and sharing what I learn to help people be healthier and happier.

Helping others to adopt an healthier and more sustainable lifestyle is the cherry on the cake. The cake being pushing forward ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

I strongly believe that everything (the environment, animals, humans...) is intrinsically linked. If one suffers, they all suffer.

If you're healthier you feel better, are happier and are nicer to others. 

Like I say, Be good, Do good.

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