Meet the Alchemist

Alchimie Thé, or Gaia as I first wanted to call it, started in my kitchen whilst I was still at uni. Simply born from my passion for natural alternatives and sustainable lifestyles.

I have been using natural alternatives and remedies for years now, starting from making my own washing powder, to toothpaste through medicinal vinegars and massage oils .

Researching and sourcing essential oils and later the whole plants for my personal use led me to consider doing it for others and sharing what I learn to help people be healthier and happier.

But that wasn’t enough. 

I was fed up with the constant frustration of purchasing infusions that presumably had health benefits but tasted of nothing, brands that would use bleached tea bags and loads of packaging for no good reasons and use fancy artificial flavours. 

I wanted Alchimie Thé to be everything I could not find in the shops; a truly ethical business with for main aim not to make money, but to have a positive impact on society.

Alchimie Thé is about showing that businesses can do more than serving vested interests and that they should.

If more people set to do the same thing, we will bring about change.




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