DIY Relaxing Pillow Spray - Quick & Easy Recipe with Essential Oils

We're living through a bizarre and worrying time, which can affect our stress level, mood and sleep. But there’s no way to be healthy without good, quality sleep, and enough of it.

It turns out that establishing a solid sleep routine with little cues that it’s time to wind down and get some shut-eye is not just important for children. Grown-ups need these routines too, whether it be an epsom salt bath, some yoga/meditation, or just reading a good book.

In the same way, smelling a familiar, relaxing scent every night before we hit the pillow can send a strong and comforting signal to our over-stimulated brains to prepare for sleep.

This pillow spray recipe uses the proven sleep-inducing powers of some great essential oils. I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the players here!

The calming and soothing effects of this essential oil blend also makes it a great body spray. Simply use it as a subtle natural perfume - supporting your nervous system. I've used alcohol in this recipe so it can be used on fabrics but I would recommend to spray directly onto the skin.

It can also be used as a room spray, working as a delicate air freshener. The best way to keep the smell in the room for longer would be to spray it onto fabrics (ie: sofa, cushions, etc.). For a stronger smell use the same blend of essential oils, directly onto a pot-pourri.

Soothing Ylang Ylang

It may be a little difficult to pronounce, but ylang ylang is a potent relaxer. Its unique scent is frequently used by perfumers (and just so happens to be a featured ingredient in the popular Chanel No. 5!)

Ylang ylang has been used to relieve anxiety and as a sedative for more restful sleep. 

Stress-Relieving Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil, like other oils of the citrus family, has an uplifting scent that helps ease tensions. This oil is versatile since it can be used to both rejuvenate the mood while relaxing the mind. (Bergamot is highly phototoxic … so do not apply at least 30 min before going outside or leave it out all together if you're intending to use this spray as a perfume/body spray. You might want to swap it with Chamomile essential oil).

Relaxing Lavender 

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for both its scent and its skin-healing properties. It’s also well-known for its ability to relax the mind and improve sleep quality. In one study, sleep-deprived college students inhaled either lavender or a placebo. Those who used lavender slept better and felt more refreshed upon waking up. 


4 drops ylang ylang essential oil
12 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops bergamot or chamomile essential oil
1 part vodka
1 part distilled water
50ml glass spray bottle

Pillow Spray Instructions

Put the vodka and essential oils into the glass spray bottle and swirl the bottle to combine.
Fill the bottle with water until almost full, leaving room for the lid. Cap the spray bottle, and shake well to combine.

To use the spray, lightly mist a pillow a few minutes before bedtime. Be sure to shake the bottle well before each use.

Do you use any scents or essential oils in your sleep routine? What has helped you the most with getting better sleep? I’d love to know!


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