Sweet Dreams, organic and caffeine-free herbal infusion to relieve stress, anxiety, headaches and help to fall asleep

Sweet Dreams

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A powerful blend of carefully selected herbs and spices to pause your mind, relax your body and help you to fall asleep.

What's in it?

Herefordshire-grown Hops

While predominately known for – and used for – giving beer its distinctive flavour, hops are also used in herbal remedies to increase immune system strength and stress relief. Hops also act as diuretic (helping to flush the system of toxins and waste). Astringent, it also helps digestion.

Chamomile Flowers

First used in Europe about 1600, chamomile was used and honoured for thousands of years in Ancient Egypt for its great curative properties from helping with insomnia, back pain, rheumatism and nervousness.

Organic Vervain

Used by herbalists for millennia to combat depression and mood swings, Vervain is a deeply penetrating nervine that soothes and sedates the nervous system. It is a relaxing and uplifting herb that can stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, enhancing mood and well being.

Vervain is also effective in promoting a good night's sleep without rendering the user groggy in the morning. 


The most popular use of this versatile herb is, without doubt, as a sleep aid. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the brain and nervous system. Its role is to inhibit or reduce the activity of neurons or nerve cells. In large enough quantities GABA can cause a sedative effect – Valerian root  has been shown to increase GABA levels in the brain which can in turn not only reduce the amount of time taken to fall asleep, it can also improve the quality of sleep too.

The aforementioned GABA also helps to calm anxiety with its regulation of nerve cells. The valerenic acid and valerenol contained in the Valerian root act as anti-anxiety agents, stabilising the central nervous system.

Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

This pungent, distinctive smelling spice has a history of use stretching back to the dawn of time. Used by the ancient civilisations of Egypt, China and Rome, the bark is native to Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon was equally prized for its exquisite taste and medicinal properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it was used as a remedy for colds, flu and digestive disorders.

English Lavender Flowers

Queen Elizabeth I is reported to have drunk Lavender tea to treat her frequent migraines, with its history of traditional use ranging from the treatment of lice to use as a sleep aid and a calming restorative. Lavender has been used for millennia to relax and calm the mind - pillows were stuffed with dried lavender flowers, so important was this herb deemed to be for a good night's sleep.


Nutmeg features a high-content of magnesium, an important mineral in your body which decreases nerve tension, and even energises the release of serotonin that results in a feeling of relaxation or sedation. This particular serotonin is modified to melatonin inside the brain, that is a sleep inducer, reducing individuals of their problems with insomnia as well as restlessness at night. 

Tea time

Infuse 1 or 2 heaped teaspoons in water heated at 90°c, for 5-8 minutes.

Whole leaves take longer to infuse but it is definitively worth it!


Crush or grind the herbs prior to use.

Make sure that all ingredients are well mixed. Lighter particles and powders tend to sink at the bottom of the packet.

Do not leave herbs to steep in water as this may result in a slightly bitter infusion.

Consume regularly for best results!




Note from the Alchemist:

We describe and promote our products in good faith. The information provided about the beneficial properties of all of our products is derived from the use and characteristics commonly attributed to them. Benefits of our products may vary from person to person. It is always advisable to seek the opinion of a professional herbalist or your GP.



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