Recharge! Herbal Pillow

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Place this bag in your pillowcase and recharge your batteries!

Lavender and rosemary have been used for centuries for their ability to, respectively, relieve stress and boost memory.

Stressed out at work or uni? Take your herbal pillow wherever you go.

Leave it in your bag to use whenever you need to calm down and focus.

Squeeze it to release the scent and place it in between your palms.

Place your nose in between your hands and breath in deeply for a couple of minutes. 

What's in it?

50% Organic English Lavender

50% Rosemary

Our tips

Squeeze the bag occasionally to release the scent.

Refill your bag every few weeks to ensure freshness and top efficacy. 



Note: Because we only use natural materials with minimum processing, from one item to another colour and aspect may differ slightly. 




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