Tea of the Month: Man Flu

Feeling groggy? Your nose can't make its mind up between being runny or stuffed?

It's that time of the year.

I'm not often ill but when I start to have cold symptoms, I drink loads of tea, Immune Boost and Man Flu. The former to try to stop the progression of the cold by boosting the system and help the body to recover faster. The latter to  alleviate the symptoms.

At least three cups a day, alternating between the two blends, and I'm back to normal in just a few days!

Caffeine-free, so you can drink it at any time of the day.

Find Man Flu here.


Organic Peppermint (Egypt)

Soothe Your Stomach with Peppermint

Relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, including indigestion, dyspepsia, and colonic muscle spasms.

A Potential Anti-Cancer Agent

Perillyl alcoholis a phytonutrient called a monoterpene, and it is plentiful in peppermint oil. In animal studies, this phytonutrient has been shown to stop the growth of pancreatic, mammary, and liver tumors. It has also been shown to protect against cancer formation in the colon, skin, and lungs. These animal-based studies have yet to be matched by equally sound human studies, however.

An Anti-Microbial Oil

Esssential oil of peppermint also stops the growth of many different bacteria. 

Breathe Easier with Peppermint

Peppermint contains the substance rosmarinic acid, which has several actions that are beneficial in asthma and has abilities to neutralise free radicals.

Rosmarinic acid has been shown to block the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals, such as leukotrienes. It also encourages cells to make substances called prostacyclins that keep the airways open for easy breathing.

Extracts of peppermint have also been shown to help relieve the nasal symptoms of allergic rhinitis (colds related to allergy).

A Rich Source of Traditional Nutrients

Peppermint is a good source of manganese, copper, and vitamin C. Vitamin C seems to play a role in decreasing colorectal cancer risk.


Helps alleviate the symptoms of the common cold by killing germs.

It decreases pain and inflammation.

Organic Elderflower

Elderflower is very effective in treating flu symptoms. 

It might act to soothe irritated sinuses and mucus membranes and elderberry cordial might be diaphoretic, meaning it can increase sweating, which might be beneficial in treating an accompanying fever. 

It contains vitamin C, antioxidants and may improve cholesterol levels.

Organic Yarrow

Helps fights bacteria and viruses.

Drinking a tea made from yarrow, elderflower, linden, boneset, peppermint and ginger can promote sweating and help eradicate flu-causing viruses from your body.

Promotes digestion and detoxification.

Yarrow’s bitter components and fatty acids encourage proper bile secretion from the gallbladder, which can then improve digestion and keep gallstones from forming.

Helps relieves cramps and menstrual pain.

Yarrow can also help regulate menstrual periods, particularly controlling heavy flow.

May be effective against skin conditions, such as eczema.

Not only can it help stop wounds from bleeding, but it can be used as first aid for ulcers.

Relieves pain from arthritis and rheumatism.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that may alleviate pain brought on by these conditions.

Organic Hyssop

Fights Infections

Hyssop prevents infections from developing in wounds and cuts. It also helps in healing deep cuts, scars, insect bites and even can be one of the great home remedies for acne.

Hyssop has antibiotic properties from the plant’s volatile oils. 

Cold & Fever

Since Hyssop is anti-viral in nature and has the ability to expel toxins from the body that are gathered due to viral infections. Hyssop is used mainly to reduce fever, flu and cold infections. The herb helps to reduce fever by inducing sweating and therefore was traditionally mixed in bathing water.

Heals Respiratory Conditions

Hyssop is antispasmodic, meaning it relieves spasms in the respiratory system and calms coughs. It’s also an expectorant and helps to loosens phlegm that has been deposited in the respiratory tracts. 

Hyssop’s antispasmodic and antiseptic properties make it a wonderful natural treatment for coughs and other respiratory conditions.

Stomach & Digestion

Hyssop leaves are used in treating delicate stomach and in relieving some of the symptoms of indigestion such as gas, intestinal cramping, colic etc. Infusion made from Hyssop acts as an excellent tonic for the digestive system and helps in treating weak digestions. Many believe that the herb also helps in the functioning of the liver and gall bladder.

Organic Marigold

Lowers Inflammation and Free Radical Damage

Extracts have been shown to protect cells from being damaged by free radicals.

In addition, research also shows that calendula marigold helps fight growth of bacteria in wounds and might even be able to reduce symptoms associated with chemotherapy and cancer treatments.


Cold Combo

Option 1:

- 30g Man flu

- 30g Immune boost

 Option 2:

- 30g Man flu

- 30g Itchy throat

Option 3:

- 30g Man flu

- 30g Stuffy nose


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